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"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." Anne of Green Gables

L.M. Montgomery said it best and I couldn’t agree more. I love October!

 We took our granddaughters apple picking last week. What fun! While I'm not sure that I'm an apple picking aficionado. It is my "go to" fall excursion every year. The air was crisp and the sky a brilliant blue, leaves crunched beneath our feet as we searched row after row for different varieties of apples. This weekend we made a pie and a crumble. My Mom took out the Johnny Apple Peeler and the rest is history. The satisfaction of the warm cinnamon/apples baking and the joy of watching the girls reap the reward of a true farm to table experience begins my fall journey.

I love the cool nights that call for soft snuggly blankets while watching a movie. We no longer need the ceiling fans, instead, we turn on the small fireplace to gently warm us. I enjoy driving both near and far, enjoying the glorious fall colors and scouting out the Halloween enthusiasts creating elaborate displays.

While all of this leads us to the family gatherings for Thanksgiving. I'm in no rush to get to there. Autumn, for me, is the season of deceleration. All the projects through the spring and fall have just about come to an end. The remaining annuals will soon be culled. This is the time to meander around pumpkin patches, carefully selecting those that will be perfect for carving and placing on porches next to brilliant blue asters or yellow and orange mums. It is when we transition from ice cold mixed drinks to warm teas and spiced ciders.

I am ever grateful to live in The Berkshires. It is the quintessential place to experience leaf peeping and all things fall. Until we meet again, I hope wherever you are in the world, you're enjoying a magnificent Fall season.


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