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The Countdown is on! Only 2 more days until #Frozen2

In this personalized Frozen 2 storybook, your child enters the Kingdom of Arendelle, home to Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Sven. It is up to the group to save the Kingdom, which has become trapped in a perpetual winter. Epic adventures await, as the group encounter the might and power of the elements, uncovering ancient mysteries along the way. This personalized adaptation of the Frozen sequel features the recipient’s name all the way through the story. What’s more, their name will be featured on the front cover AND on the opening page where a personal message can be added. Upload their photo at no additional cost to make this "the" treasured holiday gift. #Frozen 2     #Elsa and Ana     #Olaf     #Disney's Frozen 2     #Personalized Frozen 2 gifts     #Personalized girl gifts for Christmas     #Personalized girl gifts for Hanukkah     #Christmas Gifts     #Hanukkah gifts     #Coolest holiday gifts

Washington National's Win The World Series!

Personalized Books Update! Books for 17 teams updated with the 2019 season. Plus, brand new Washington National's book! Features the National's entire history including their first ever World Series win! Highlights of the 2019 Season. Emboss recipients name on the front cover - FREE! Add name and personal message to the dedication label on the opening page - FREE! Gift box is available for $10, takes it up a notch.  Whatever team your rooting for, this is the perfect gift this holiday season. #Personalized gifts     #Sports gifts     #baseball gifts     #world series 2019     #washington national baseball     #baseball fan

Personalized Fun Filled Activity Book - Counts down til Christmas!

Much more than an advent calendar this 24 Sleeps ’til Christmas activity book counts down the days to Christmas in a fun, educational and exciting way. On every page is something seasonal to keep the kids amused. There are puzzles, illustrations to color, creative drawings to be completed, carols to be sung , even recipes to be followed. On top of this the book has festive facts and figures, Christmas jokes and is personalized throughout with a child’s name plus a message on the title page. The large format 17 x 12″, spiral bound book has laminated, stiff board covers so it can be used free-standing or it can be wall hung using the built-in hanger. Build up their excitement to the main event from 1st December with the 24 Sleeps ’til Christmas #Kid books     #Christmas activity book     #Kids advent activity book     #personalized kids book for christmas     #Christmas fun for kids     #fun for kids at Christmas

Naughty or Nice???

  It's that time of year. You know. The naughty and nice phrase gets dusted off and thrown into just about any interaction we have with our kids, grand kids and sometimes with each other after we've had a cup or two of eggnog at the office Christmas party.  Let's face it. There are only 37 days 'til Christmas. It's all in good fun. Who's been naughty or nice brings to mind not just the naughty in us but the best in us and who we strive to be. Santa just adds to the fun. Take a look at your gift list. Our Naughty and Nice list prints are perfect for friends and family. Add them to your secret Santa gift, it'll be a hoot! In a bind for a quick gift? We offer both a mailed print OR an easy pdf download. Both reasonably priced and personal. That makes it the best gift of all.  Happy Holidays! #naughtyornice   #nicelist   #naughtylist   #heknows   #startbehaving   #checkingittwice

Say Cheese!

Andy Warhol once said that “the best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” A photo snapped captures the exact moment in a person’s life. When I was a girl one of my warmest memories is of my Dad looking through the lens of his camera. It wasn’t flashy but it did the job. He had a darkroom in our basement. Occasionally we would be allowed to observe the developing process. I remember the smell of the chemicals and the sound of the paper being transferred from tray to tray. Eventually it would hang on a string with a simple clip. His photos stopped time for a moment. I didn’t realize it then, but it also captured time. Each photo depicting a person; the good, the bad and the ugly for sure, but also the hilarious. We live in a different age. Phones are slick and thin and have become our modern photo albums. We share photos almost instantly on every imaginable social media platform we can. I admit it. I do it all the time. If we want photos pr